CWEG Welcomes Dr. Kelsey Roberts, New Medical Evaluator
by April Cady

     A new member of our family joined us today and we are very happy to have her. Dr. Kelsey Roberts has signed on as our new medical evaluator here at the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG). It is great to have that position filled again after a bit of an absence since Dr. Schaller left us and we are looking forward to a new face, new input and a new direction at CWEG.
     Kelsey is from Clinton and has recently joined the Hamilton Massage Therapy group here in Hamilton. She has an undergraduate degree in biology and psychology from Le Moyne College and her Doctorate of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. She tacked on a masters in Clinical Nutrition as well.
     Her primary responsibilities will be evaluating new clients for CWEG and getting them started on their aquatic exercise routines. After a few weeks she will then follow-up with the member to see how they are progressing and what else they could be adding to their workout.
     She comes to the pool twice a month for these consultations and is also available for current members to ask advice, seek her opinions and get more feed back about what they are doing in the water. Her personality fits right in with the “family” we have here and after her first day she was adopted as part of the group without any hesitation.
     We are very lucky to find Dr Roberts, or maybe it should be noted that she found us. This aspect of CWEG is extremely important to the quality of program we offer and Kelsey will provide a valuable addition to what we do here at CWEG. We are looking forward to a long association with Dr. Roberts! Welcome aboard Kelsey, to “the healing waters.”

Love and Caring: Comes Naturally Here!
By April Cady

Last week was Valentine’s Day and love was in the air! As the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) members came to the pool that day you could hear people wishing each other a “Happy Valentine’s Day”! The good thing about CWEG is that it isn’t confined to just one day! Love is always in the air.
          Participants show a genuine caring all year round here at Lineberry Pool. As I have often written about, we are a family here and families love one another. The helpful nature of the group manifests itself in so many ways.
          Tight friendships have formed over the years creating a social network outside of the water. Classmates often go for coffee after they leave the pool, or small day trips are planned by groups that meet at the pool. Friends send messages to me about people who are sick or out of town.
          Of course, there is usually a card or two on the sign-in sheet wishing a person speed recovery from an illness or a surgery. Not to mention the birthday cards for each month that Allison O’Hara provides for little something extra. Regardless of whether the participant is someone they know, most everyone signs or sends good wishes. Often a member will note that they were unaware that they had so many friends at CWEG when they receive the greeting card.
          However the love is shown, it is an everyday occurrence at CWEG. This aspect is one of our benefits that, while hard to measure, are so very important to the success of CWEG. Body, mind and spirit are the three areas we strive to nurture and showing the love is a wonderful way to do so. Come check us out!

CWEG Member Marks 99 Years Young
By April Cady

We had a momentous occasion last Thursday here at CWEG. We had the honor of helping to celebrate the 99th birthday of Carolyn Hartshorn. With cupcakes in the shape of “99” that the family brought in we all got a chance to say Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady.

This woman is truly a treasure. She comes to CWEG regularly, brought by one daughter when she comes to the pool, and another picking her up. Still fairly mobil and in complete control in mind, she is so special to the CWEG family. She knows everyones name, can recall things from her past that amaze all of us, as well as her daughters, and she does her thing in the water with the rest of the members.

The Hartshorns have provided the place for our annual end-of-the-summer picnic (Lebanon Reservoir Campground) for years. The family does 90% of the work and we get to enjoy the beautiful location that they have maintained and grown over the years.  Members who have not come to the event have been missing out.

Carolyn has been with the group for neigh on 30 years. While she has slowed a bit she is still very eager to come to the pool, do her exercises and visit with the rest of the people. The family heads a bit further south during the winter months but come the late spring participants are asking about when we will see Carolyn and her entourage again. 

CWEG is very lucky to have her as a member but she is not the only one who have passed the 9th decade. We have a few others who are following along her path and we are so very lucky to have them as well. These people speak to the quality and value of the Chenango Water Exercise Group and what it provides to those who join us. Happy Birthday Carolyn and we can’t wait for next year when we have our first centenarian on board!

Transforming Water
By April Cady 

          Occasionally this column discusses the way people come and go from the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) and how their pace coming to exercise is usually very different from when they leave. The aquatic exercise stretches them out, gives them strength and rejuvenates their day. But the same sort of transformation happens once many get in the water.
          Members that struggle, perhaps with a walker, a cane and even wheel chairs find a wonderful sense of freedom as they lower themselves into the pool. The weight is lifted, the water supports them all around and their concerns about falling disappear because of the buoyancy and support the water provides. This freedom is reflected in their faces, their demeanor and their spirit. They essentially become different people. They are once again on equal footing with all the others in the pool who have no mobility restrictions.
          Water has amazing properties that offer so much and by sinking in up to your shoulders you can forget some of the issues you have on land. Not to mention the benefits of the hydrostatic pressure helping your circulation and the resistance that is applied in every direction. For the forty-five minutes to an hour that participants usually put into their workouts they can feel “normal” again. And of course, there is the benefit of having done some conditioning exercise that makes their journey down the halls on the way home a bit easier.
          These are just some of the reasons that CWEG has some many loyal and long-time members. Maybe it would be right for you! Come on down to Lineberry Pool on the Colgate campus and take a look. We have plenty of room for all!

Little Known Facts.....
by April Cady

While regular readers of this column know a lot about what we do here at the Chenango water Exercise Group (CWEG) there are some little know facts that are obscure not only to the general public but also to a lot of our members. Here are just a few.
          First, CWEG has been a not-for-profit since the late 1970’s when our founder Mark Randall started recruiting people to try aquatic exercise for specific problems they may have had such as stroke disability, rehab from injury or congenital physical problems. With the addition of an exercise class in 1981, taught by our long-time volunteer Dick Lenhart, the basis for the program was established. We officially incorporated in 1991 and have maintained a strong and vital operation ever since.
          Secondly, we have operated here at Lineberry Pool all these years with the exception of about 6 months when we are transplanted to Morrisville College. Renovations on the building, including replacing and upgrading the roof, adding more windows, and overhauling the filtration system were necessary and CWEG was lucky to strike up a deal with Morrisville so as to not have to closed down for the duration. The commute was a bit longer for some but worth the effort.
          Thirdly, the tray full of goodies became a tradition (circa 1 after one of our holiday parties when we had some leftover jellybeans. When they were offered as a post exercise treat, our members ran with it. Participants started contributing (yes, all the goodies are donated by our members) in other types of snacks. Those treats have even become a stopping off point for people coming and going from the fitness center. We are always looking for people to help keep this tradition going so don’t hesitate to bring something in!

Which option works for you? 
by April Cady
            There are two options for people to join the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) in terms of membership dues. We offer a full year at $250 ($280 for brand new members) and six-month stint for $175. It is about 50-50 as to the numbers of who joins for what length of time but often we get the person hooked and when the shorter membership expires they re-up for a full year.
          The full year is a great bargain with it calculating out to about $1.80 a day. The six-month membership works well for those who spend a portion of the year down south or have options during the warmer months. The shorter version also is a great way for people who are not sure if CWEG will be a good fit, or that don’t want to commit for a full year just yet.
          When the decision is made as to which option one chooses then the work begins to get them into a regular exercise routine. As has often been said, a few weeks of steady work in the pool can make a big difference. It tends to be subtle and manifests itself slowly; being able to climb stairs more easily or having more energy during the day.
          There is actually a third option and that is that if the person realizes that the benefits of the aquatic exercise are really improving their condition, they can extend a six-month membership to a full year (within a month or so) by paying the balance. By starting at the shorter version, they can hedge their bets a bit and then join for a full year.
          Regardless of the way one joins CWEG, we feel confident that they will reap the benefits that so many before them have done! Come check us out! 

A Perfect Gift
By April Cady 

          With fall rapidly disappearing and thoughts turning to the perfect present for that special someone we here at the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) would like to make a suggestion; why not help out that spouse, friend or loved one with the payment for the membership here at CWEG.
          Many of our members are seniors who are on fixed incomes and the dues we charge can prove to be difficult to pay when on a strict budget. While we feel that membership here at CWEG is a bargain, it can strain the purse strings when it comes due once a year.
          We do have some children of members who come up with the cash, mostly as a way to assure that their loved one is keeping up their health and getting out and about. Some have even foot the bill without their parent knowing and it is great to see the surprise when Mom or Dad comes to settle up their account.
          When one figures out what the cost of this program is a day, it is surprising to realize that the dues actually cost a person about $1.75 per session. Think of the things you can spend that amount on any given day; a newspaper, a cup of simple coffee (Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts usually costs much more), or a bottle of water, Gatorade, or soda out of a vending machine. One has to agree that 45 minutes to an hour of exercise tops all of those!
          Perhaps a group of family members can get together, pool (pun intended) their money and finance the cost of providing a person with the gift of strength, endurance, and flexibility this coming year. It is a gift that keeps on giving and one that needn’t be returned. We feel that it is the perfect gift!

Summer Storms can Create Delays or Closures
By April Cady

             Well, it doesn’t happen often but every once in a while, (particularly in the summer afternoon hours the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) has to delay our hours due to inclement weather. Today was certainly the day.
          In checking the forecast, it was a rather forgone conclusion that the lightning and thunder would arrive shortly after CWEG took the pool and sure enough it did. Right around 1:00 the booms of thunder prompted the guards to clear the pool as well as the pool deck, and we were out of luck. The policy for this kind of happening is that no one is allowed on deck or in the pool until the weather has been clear of lightning and thunder for a full 30 minutes.
          Some people were lucky enough to get in 30-45 minutes of exercise before Mother Nature lashed out her anger on us with loud claps of thunder, gashing lightning, and torrential downpours. And make no mistake about the rain, when it is pouring one can barely hear anything due to the precipitation hitting the fiberglass roof that houses Lineberry Pool.
          The hope is that the storm will clear and we can resume our activities but that was not the case today. A strong storm cell was stalled over southern Madison County and the day was lost in terms of being able to get in an aquatic workout.
          We deal with similar issues in the winter when the precipitation is in the form of snow or ice. The difference is that if we don’t open in the morning due to bad road conditions it is a done deal for the day. Hopefully we can avoid many of these situations and keep providing a safe pool in which the CWEG’ers can exercise.

April 2017 By April Cady
CWG Administrator

CWEG: A perfect fit?

          We will have visitors for the next two weeks here at the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) as we are once again sponsoring a Lifelong Learning class to introduce participants to aquatic exercise. The course started May 1 and will run through May 11.  Attendees will get an overview of the program, a bit of history and some ground rules that we have in place to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.
          The next step is getting people into the water to get started. This involves the very basic aspects of water workouts starting with simple walking through chest deep water in the proper way. It may sound simple but it takes a bit of coaching to get the movements right.
          A session with our medical evaluator comes next with some general anatomy and physiology to provide a better understanding of what the different movements are doing and the muscles and joints that are being affected. This makes sure participants are not over taxing a replaced joint, or straining further an injury from the past.
          We get all the attendees into as many of the classes we offer so they can get a taste of all the aspects of CWEG and make a decision as to whether this maybe the type of exercise regime they want to pursue. With the use of all of Lineberry Pool we also encourage Lifelong Learners to take advantage of the lap lanes before or after their sessions.
          Our main goal in offering this class is to recruit new members to CWEG by showing them that water exercise is a great way to stay fit and provides a total body, mind and spirit experience.

April 2017 By April Cady

35 Years of Healing Waters

It always surprises people when they learn that the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) has been in operation for over 35 years. Started in 1981, the program while having gone through a number of transitions, is still providing a fabulous option for people to take advantage of.
          The brainchild of Mark Randall, CWEG was just a small operation for a number of years but as word got out it grew and became a very important part of many members lives. Like all of us it has adapted to changes with the leadership, the methods and the personnel but even after all these years the basic concept remains the same: aquatic exercise and fitness for all.
          Our membership has been loyal and when one looks over the list of participants it is incredible that we have so many who have been with the group well over 20 of those 35 years. We continue to get new clients that hear about us through other members, via this column and now through our website (cwegswim.org). And of course, let’s not forget the wonderful volunteers that we depend on to keep the classes moving.
          I too can mark many years here at CWEG, beginning first as a lifeguard during my coaching days (1990) and now as the administrator. The people I see every day, make my day. Their stories, their history and their sage advice have all help to shape me and help me to grow. On this my birthday, I am blessed to be a part of this “family” and to be embraced by the membership with lots of birthday greetings, cards and even a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” as I poked my head into the pool!  Here’s to another 35+ years of the Healing Waters!

2/23 By April Cady 

Enhance whatever your training may be with water exercise

          We people here at the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) go about our daily routines, doing our aquatic exercises, and don’t really think about other groups that maybe using the same sort of workouts. But recently it was reported in an article that there are professional athletes that use the water regularly for some of their conditioning.
          Professional football teams and elite distance runners are just two of the examples that were reported. The Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles use aquatic workouts to increase speed and endurance, using the added resistance the water produces. Working with water weights similar to our buoys, many of the athletes report that they increase their speed as well as their endurance.
          But football players aren’t the only ones making use of the pool. An elite Kenyan distance runner recently set a new 10 mile record after he spent a week in the pool prior to his race, wearing resistance water shoes. High school runners have returned to full or better form after knee injury when they had utilized aquatic workout to recondition their knees.
          Personal trainers are taking advantage of water exercise to encourage their clients to do some of the standard gym weight exercises (flies, biceps curls etc.) in the water and it increases their workout as well as their range of motion and endurance because of the added resistance. It is also a very safe environment as it reduces the likely hood of injury during the activity.
          Whatever the athletic level of the participants it enforces the knowledge that we here at CWEG have always known: water is a great way to exercise and can be made to fit any one. 

2/9 By April Cady 

Need to Replace Worn Equipment 

          One of the perks people get when they come to the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) is that there is equipment here for them to use instead of having to buy their own flotation belt or noodle. It saves them time and money and we are fortunate enough to have storage bins on the pool deck to keep all our “toys” locked up in when not in use.
          However, over the years we have begun to see a bit of wear and tear on these items and the board recently voted to look into starting a “replace/repair the equipment fund”. Because we require those who participate in the deep-water classes to wear a flotation device, CWEG needs to have 25-30 belts in varying sizes to accommodate the members. The devices are for the most part 10 years old and are showing their age.
          Therefore, CWEG has created an equipment fund that we are hoping members will be willing to donate to improve the quality of the belts and hand buoys we use for resistance. The cost of the belts ranges from $25.00 to $40.00 so our goal is to raise $1,000 to cover the cost of replacing as well as repairing our gear.
          Donations from our members are welcome in this endeavor and can be made in person as well as on the website. We have a menu for those who choose to do so in this manner. The website address is swimcweg.org and even if you are not looking to donate, check it out! There is great information about CWEG and all the necessary information to get started as a member.
          CWEG’ers help us reach our goal and improve the look and quality of the program!
y April Cady (228-7621)

Variety: There's something right for you

            Because we have the use of the entire Lineberry Natatorium we here at the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) can offer options in all areas of the pool. This means lap swimmers are doing their thing while others are taking a deep-water walking class, while still others are exercising in the shallow end.
          The classes in the shallow end of the pool allow participants to ease into the water and keep their heads dry as they go through their routines. We have different options in this area with general fitness, Tai Chi, and at 9:30 and10:30 we offer a shallow water aerobics classes. These are similar to the deep water classes but you have your feet on the ground, at least most of the time.
          In the shallow end the instructors use a lot of equipment to enhance the effort in the water and get the heart rate up for the endurance portion of the workout. Noodles, buoys, and steps are all a part of this class. Occasionally there is a bit of aquatic square dancing and singing is frequently heard during these sessions.
          For the most part the deep and shallow classes are similar in their make-up but some prefer the workout in the suspended state in the deep with and belt on and others feel that they get a better workout when they are pushing off the bottom of the pool.
          Whichever way one decides to go they both focus on improving the endurance, flexibility and range of motion that is so important in our day-to-day lives. After 45 minutes in the water on a regular basis one can really reap the benefits of this kind of exercise! Come give a try!

12/15 By April Cady (228-7621)


By April Cady (228-7621)
[email protected]

Aches hurt less, injuries heal, and the quality of your health improves

     We all know that we should be more active and participate in a regular workout routine but exercising on a machine can be boring and a bit lonely. Here at the Chenango water Exercise Group (CWEG), whether you are in a group or working alone, there’s a lot going on and a lot of fun being had. 
     While doing one’s exercise routine in the pool on a Thursday for instance, a member can watch Dr. Jonathan Schaller work with a new CWEG member and can see him demonstrating exercises from the deck to the new client in the water. After duplicating the move, Dr. Schaller will often point to the area or muscle group that is targeted with the exercise and explain why it will work for the member. Even if you are not close enough to hear him, you could imagine him saying, “Do you feel that?” 
     One participant recalls from his own experience that  ” I knew that Doc had already given me a thorough examination on dry land and had explained how each movement would help. I remembered how Doc had helped ease my old rotator cuff injury. He suggested that, instead of cupping my hand, I turn it over and push against the water with the back of my hand. He had me do it both ways and feel the difference. Then he explained why and how the muscles worked. When I really understand how an exercise works, I’m more likely to get the best results by doing it correctly, not just today, but tomorrow too”.
     Add all this instruction to the act of being in a class and the time spent in the pool becomes very valuable. Aches hurt less, injuries heal, and the quality of your health improves. That is our goal here at CWEG! Come join us!

By April Cady (228-7621)

Improving your Balance: A Prudent goal as Winter Approaches

          With winter months upon us, and the prospect of lots of snow (as we saw recently), icy walk-ways, and treacherous parking lots CWEG’er must be careful not to fall on their way to and from the pool. One area of the exercise programs that we offer and emphasize here at the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) is the effort to improve balance. With the incidence of falls being the leading cause of serious health related issues in older people it is essential that balance be improved.
          Falls account for hip fractures, lacerations and head trauma resulting in potential loss of independence, or cause fears of another more serious fall. Some significant statistics regarding falls and the elderly show that regular exercisers who do fall are 37% less likely to be injured in a fall than those who do no exercise at all. It goes even further to state that those who do fall are 61% less likely to sustain a broken bone and 43% less likely to have injuries significant enough be hospitalized. What better information to motivate a person to get up and get going.
          Here at CWEG we have a number of ways participants can work on improvement of balance. Learning to walk properly and doing so against the resistance of the water is helpful. Strengthening your muscles with a 45 minute aerobic class contributes to stability. We also have submerged steps that help people with stepping up, over, and back, all while maintaining good balance. And don’t forget the Tai Chi class that strengthens the core and improves stability.
          These are all good reasons that CWEG has so many people taking advantage of our program. And since we are siting statistics, we have well over 50 percent of our members who have been here 5 years or more and a 90-year-old club that boasts over half a dozen people. What better reasons to give us a look see!

by April Cady

You'll start noticing the Benefits of Regular Aquatic Exercise

As people become accustomed to being a member of the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) they recognize the benefits of their doing a regular exercise routine. Taking a class or two, swimming some laps, or incorporating some specific  
drills that address their issues becomes the norm. But often, by watching others they can add something new to their workout. Sometimes one member will inspire another to try a new class, a new exercise, or perhaps a new time to participate.
          These new skills can come in handy when you least expect it. After knee surgery, one member was concerned that she wouldn’t have the upper body strength to hoist herself up and keep the weight off her repaired limb. But a few weeks before she had begun to use the rings to do some pull-ups to add some upper body strength. When the time came to get up out of her hospital bed, low and behold she could do just that.
          Often these improvements are subtle; the stairs are easier to navigate, or there is more stamina throughout the day. One day it hits you that you are walking further, or tiring more slowly. Perhaps lifting grocery bags is less of a strain, or your general attitude is more up-beat. All these are examples of the positives of being a CWEG member and participating on a regular basis.
          We encourage everyone to get up and get moving and we hope that your choice of an exercise program is the Chenango Water Exercise Group. We feel we can offer all aspects a safe and effective workout; increased strength, flexibility, and endurance in a safe and friendly environment. 

by April Cady

Try us out for a Day

Many may not know this about the Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) but one of the enticements we offer to try and encourage people to join is the option for someone to come and try us out for a day. By signing a waiver form a person can get into the water and see what we are all about.
          For the most part, these types of people come with a member of CWEG. A neighbor, good friend or spouse that has shown interest or has been prodded by their friend/spouse to come and see what CWEG is all about. It seems to be fairly successful,  as we get a number of people who after the” total emersion” into the program join up.
          The procedure is simple. Come on a day we are open, Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 8:30 until 11:45, and sign the waiver form and you are in! With classes running all morning there are all sorts of options for newbie to try. Whether it is deep or shallow water, lap swimming or one your own, we encourage you to try any and all aspects of our program. If it seems like a good fit for you, there are packets of forms that we can hand out and the process of becoming a member can begin.
          Occasionally we get someone who has just heard about us, or perhaps even read this article and wants to get a feel for what we are. Volunteers usually take them under their wing and help them to integrate into a class or two to introduce them to CWEG.
          Regardless of how, we are very welcoming to anyone who would like to see the ins and outs of the CWEG program. Come on down for a day, get wet, and hopefully join this fabulous group!

By April Cady

Might my Insurance Contribute Towards all or part of my Dues?

    One aspect that always comes up in the orientation of a new member here at the Chenango water Exercise Group (CWEG) is the matter of whether this program is covered by insurance. The simple answer is that it all depends on your carrier and being proactive about investigating whether there is a stipend offered for exercise programs.
    Because we are primarily a volunteer run organization, we don’t have the capacity to deal with the forms, records and “red tape” that goes hand and hand with claiming insurance coverage. It falls to the individual member to contact their carrier and find out what options may be available to them. A quick call to customer service will put one on the right track.
    There is always some paperwork needed to verify that a person has joined a group, or that they have paid their dues, or even that they attend the program regularly. That can and has been handled by this office for a number of people and it works out very well for them.
    Other carriers will just flat out tell you that they do not offer any incentive to pursue a healthier lifestyle and that is unfortunate for them as well as for the client.
    There is a folder on this computer that keeps track of those who have a carrier who rewards activity and every year we fill out the forms necessary for them to get reimbursed at some amount. Occasionally an insurance company covers the total dues and others may just do a set amount. Whatever the case is, every little bit helps!
    A word to current members; it wouldn’t hurt to double check with your carrier to find out if this is an option for you!